Doctors : Life savers or Man eaters..??!!!  

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PHEW!!!! at last, it is finished...

It has been around 1 month since I hav started working on this, as I was busy with II PU tution, I wasn't able to finish it early... finally I am convinced.

Doctors : Life savers or Man eaters..??!!!

Hmmm, from the times unknown, doctors have been considered saviours, with their positions being held by the people close to God!!!! Sadly this is turning out to be a contradiction with many docs bringing disgrace to this, one of the most noble profession.. .. There were times when doctors were absolutely service minded, but now many mercenary doctors can be seen almost everywhere..!!! Sadly now many doctors make poor illiterate villagers targets and make money even out of free samples(not that its not going on in urban areas). People shelling out hundreds of rupees just for a mere consultation has become a common sight now.. Shamefully,many hospitals would have set targets based on which the consultation charges are put up. Interestingly we can even get a sight of hospitals advertising "get one ill patient to us and get 10 to 30% off on your next consultation!!!!' (not on advertising boards though)

Many hospitals are also into the act of hoodwinking people around, by asserting the condition of the patient to be serious, though dead, and procuring lakhs of money from the patients family!!! (not an unknown fact now)

I would like to put forth a small incident that took place abt 4 months back..
A friend of mine working in Mindtree,used to drink coconut water almost everyday in front of the office...One fine day the coconut seller charged 5Rs more citing the reason that he was working in such a big IT company and so can afford paying just 5Rs more...!!!!

the same way the hospitals have in fact started getting info regarding the salary as well as profession of the patient as a pre requisite for billing...!!! higher your salary higher is your consultation fee...!! Most of the times its the management of the hospitals which plays a major role in such corruption and its not the doctors who are always to blame..!!!

Is a consultation really worth hundreds?? In a doctor's view it's not a very high fee, keeping in mind the struggle they would have gone through during their study n which they go through during their practice or if taken otherwise it may be because of high standards of living.. It wouldn't be wrong if said that high standard of living is a gift of the IT industry!!! It is only because of the same industry that things like "target fixing" ,"Achieving deadlines", "referral schemes" etc became a vogue in almost every field!!! people had, but now have a stronger predilection towards doctors, snatching the game away from the IT people!!! ;) Strangely this daylight robbery is not confined only to hospitals, now seen even in SCHOOLS and HOTELS...!!!!!

In recent times doctors referring patients to various scan centres inspite of having facilities in their own hospitals and getting commission from those scan centres has already come to the public notice!!! of course it doesnt imply to all the doctors.. sum refer patients to other centres solely because of the improvised technologies there...

It is gratifying to think there are still many docs who are dedicated...I would like to put a special mention about Dr.Shankare Gowda who is practicing in Mandya.. He is a man who is not prejudiced(biased) to any patient and charges only Rs 5 whatever is the illness (doesn't mean everyone should take 5 Rs).. he is quite a known famous doc in Mandya.. I'm sure he will be gr8 inspiration for the future doctors..

My question is , Is it not possible to charge a reasonable and common fee to all the diseases??...or rather grade the charges depending on the severity of the disease??? but who is to decide how to grade it?? the doctors themselves?? the hospitals?? some senior minds association ?? or common man?? the answer remains a question of debate...!!!!! :(

Post your views, suggestions as comments...